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Introducing tendollarWP: Affordable WordPress Services for Non-Techies

introducing tendollarWP

Today I am thrilled to announce tendollarWP.

tendollarWP is a platform that provides on-demand WordPress services to non-technical WordPress website owners.

So whether you want to:

  • increase your WordPress site speed,
  • install that awesome theme you bought from ThemeForest or
  • fix the famous WordPress white screen of death.

We can help you get it sorted, fast.

And here is the best part is:

Most of our services start from just $10. Yes, that’s how affordable they are.

No hidden fee. No commotion. No barriers.

You order what you want to get help with. We get it sorted for you. Simple as that.

Now you no longer have to waste your precious time reading +1500 WordPress tutorials.

We can do it for you. At a small fee. That’s what we call leverage.

So how does tendollarWP work?

Good question.

The WordPress services on tendollarWP are pre-determined. That means we don’t offer custom work.

The services we offer cover six categories, namely:

And here how tendollarWP works:

  1. You Order a Service -: You pick a service that you need help with from our WordPress service centre and pay the fee via Paypal
  2. Submit Your Job -: After your transaction has cleared from our side, we drop you an email requesting details to your site. These will include your URL, Admin and/or FTP details. You can send these either via a secure web form, email or Trello.
  3. We do the magic -: Our team will then deliver the service you ordered in less than 24 hours.

How tendollarWP Work

Why we launched tendollarWP?

Since 2012, we’ve been using WordPress to create side projects and build websites for our clients.

And the journey with WordPress hasn’t been smooth.

From optimizing slow WordPress sites, experiencing the famous WordPress white screen of death to being locked out of the admin area – we’ve had it all.

The good thing is that we’ve defeated all the annoying WordPress hurdles we came across.

Over time, we’ve noticed that non-technical WordPress site owners need professional help to sort out a small issue on their site.

Something like setting up cache plugin properly, using CloudFront as a CDN on their site or deactivating a WordPress plugin via FTP or MySQL database.

These tasks are simple to us but can be problematic to non-technical people.

So we thought, why not make our WordPress know-how available to you for an affordable fee. That was the birth of tendollarWP.

So why your take?

So what do you think of tendollarWP?

Let me what you think on the comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestion!

Check out our WordPress Services!


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